Moving Industry Early Pre-Pandemic Predictions Pan Out

Sean Stein with 100 Google Reviews Certificate

A Mother’s Touch Movers in Melbourne, FL anticipated this demand and recently announced profitable moving franchise business opportunities are now available nationwide.  Sean Stein, CEO and founder of A Mother’s Touch Movers in Melbourne, FL, made an accurate forecast before the national COVID-19 pandemic was ever even announced. The $86 billion dollar moving industry would not only remain sustainable, but it will thrive and be financially lucrative for the foreseeable future. He was right on point!

Check out this January 2020 podcast Interview with Sean Stein, Owner of A Mother’s Touch Movers which Stein conducted with Movers Marketing Machine.

This was long before lengthy lockdowns forced people to assess home values, state taxes, childcare limitations, mortgage rates, and employment continuity.  And, also well before Florida, Texas, Idaho, Ohio, and Arizona became the top destinations for families and companies relocating their homes and businesses for all those reasons and more.  He highlights how to be successful in the moving industry and it includes caring for people – both clients and their treasured possessions and valued employees, giving back to the community you serve, and doing it all “with a Mother’s Touch.”

Gone in Six

As Stein accurately stated in a recent news release (link here) announcing the expansion of A Mother’s Touch Movers moving company franchises in the U.S:

Several factors are triggering mass residential and commercial relocations throughout the nation spearheading the moving industry’s successful and ongoing progress. The waning pandemic, lifted lockdowns, northerners fleeing high tax and non-business friendly states, and low interest rates all impact supply and demand in real estate transactions.  Research also indicates increasing and sustainable business in the moving industry is due to the hot housing market, rising corporate profits freeing up additional funding for commercial property acquisition and expansion, and the growing size of major metropolitan areas in most states.  Also, home sales –from listing to closing—are occurring at a record pace forcing families to vacate and relocate rapidly requiring the assistance of professional movers.”  –Sean Stein, CEO and Founder, A Mother’s Touch Movers

Fox News Business Houses are only on the market for less than a week: report | Fox Business recently reported, “The real estate market is going through a record-breaking phase which has been described as “red-hot” by a recent housing report. According to that same report, houses are under contract, on average, less than a week after being listed.  A new report from real-estate listing company Zillow says that houses are staying on the market just six days before being bought. The report was based on information collected during the month of May.”

This expediency from listing to closing most often requires the need for professional movers.  Families are simply often not prepared for this fast-tracked process; most believe they have at least 30 days, if not 60 days, making it impossible to manage work, packing, closing, and relocating without the professional services of a trusted moving company.

While the moving trend to Florida is highly publicized – nearly 1,000 people relocate everyday to the state, making Florida (surpassing New York) the third largest state — interstate and intrastate relocations across the country are also soaring.  Zillow reports cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, and Kansas City are seeing for-sale homes under contract within three days.  Already in an average, non-pandemic year, over 35 million mobile Americans move annually creating incredible customer demand for moving companies, and financially gainful franchise opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurs.  It is estimated that Americans will move an astounding 11.7 times in their lifetime.

Franchising Opportunities in the US Are Abundant, the Moving Industry Remains One of the Most Valued

The franchising grading analysts with ranked A Mother’s Touch Movers in the top 20 percent of franchises with their “Made the Grade” ranking.  AMTM is also a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company and its GOOGLE customer reviews are 5-star ensuring investors and clients quality service and a reliable reputation.  At a relatively low investment, moving company business is one of the best franchise to own. Owners can capitalize on A Mother’s Touch Movers’ proven brand which has a long and proud history of serving clients and the community, not just for the name recognition, but more importantly as a core value in our mission.

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Sean Stein has been moving families and businesses since he was a senior in high school.  He is a different kind of “senior” today leading in the industry for over 30 years.  He is the proud father of five daughters, one of whom has risen through the ranks to become the COO of A Mother’s Touch Movers.  Together they share their passion and expertise for encouraging aspiring business owners to join the lucrative moving franchise opportunity.

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